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Screening | Short Film | Dahlias: An Anthology in Four Chapters

  • Steadfast Supply 300 Tingey Street Southeast Washington, DC, 20003 United States (map)

Saturday, March 24th
6:30pm - 9:00pm
Dahlias: An Anthology in Four Chapters by AUHNREEL Film
Hosted by Steadfast Supply


Celebrate the premiere of Dahlias: An Anthology in Four Chapters directed and produced by Annika Young on Saturday, March 24th 6:30pm-9pm. Screening will take place promptly at 7:00pm, followed by a special panel discussion featuring the four women highlighted in the film. Complimentary drinks and light bites will be served.

This Spring, award-winning filmmaker Annika Young will premiere her female-focused short film Dahlias: An Anthology in Four Chapters in time for Women’s History Month. Dahlias follows a diverse collection of four local women who have been planted, watered and are growing full bloom in life’s garden. Set for release during Women’s History Month, Dahlias will be screened Saturday, March 24 at Steadfast Supply DC followed by a special panel discussion featuring the four women highlighted in the film. Young produced and shot the four films locally, making Dahlias a kind of love letter to her compelling on-screen subjects as well as the nation’s capital. The four women viewers will meet in the film are:

Hafsa Siddiqi, who is a publicist by day with a deep passion for photography, is the subject of Dahlias’ “A Thousand Words.” Hafsa became a shutterbug at age 12 when her family traveled to Pakistan for her uncle's wedding, later learning as an adult that her father was a brilliant photographer who put his hobby aside for a more serious career choice upon immigrating to the United States. And, although Hafsa and her father don't discuss their shared passion for the art form, photography is in her DNA.

In “Lost One,” Na'Tasha Slade shares searing and raw emotion as she seeks to purge her heart after the loss of her father. She returns to the handwritten letters he crafted for her in life, creating a posthumous link to their love.

Jamie Garcia, shape shifts onscreen into her true self during “The Main Act,” artfully shot in a Metro car. Jamie is passionate about dance, but in keeping with her Filipino family's traditional views, opted for the safety of a 9-to-5 job. However, she is always open to allow dance to move her -- literally -- in the unlikeliest of places.

And, in “Close Knit,” we meet fashion designer Virginia Arrisueño whose deep Peruvian roots are woven quite literally into her clothing, using thread imported from her family’s homeland. She offers an intimate look inside her design process, exploring the threads that make her whole.

Doors open at 6:30p. Screening starts promptly at 7:00p followed by a panel discussion with the film's director and the Dahlias. RSVP ONLY - Space is limited.