Steadfast Supply’s mission is to provide a retail platform for independent brands and designers from around the globe to share their goods and their stories with our neighboring communities. We seek to play an active role in connecting talented makers with consumers, and connecting supportive consumers with the creative minds behind our brands with the intent to help build a better community and foster meaningful and authentic relationships. Our mission is to contribute to the advancement of the local community and to the creative growth of the DMV at large by introducing unique and innovative brands into the local market. Initially a short-term pop-up in 2016, Steadfast Supply has grown into two retail establishments in the DMV: The Yards in Washington, DC and Ballston Quarter in Arlington, VA.


connecting creative brands with people

In addition to our retail offerings, Steadfast Supply serves as a community incubator, providing an events space for our brands, local entrepreneurs, influencers, and small businesses to use and interact with the neighboring community. We host events, workshops, discussions, presentations, and performances that cover a wide array of topics. Our goal is to add social and cultural value to our surrounding neighborhood and creative community.

Steadfast Supply is built on the concept of “linking creative brands with people.” At Steadfast Supply, you may find yourself becoming fascinated with a new interest or inspired by the story of one of our brands and the creative minds behind them. Small businesses are often born from their founders’ passions; each and every brand housed at Steadfast Supply was carefully selected, and the tenacious strength of each brand’s story is reflected in its products. That being said, our goal at Steadfast Supply is to leave a lasting impact on each and every person who walks through our doors.


our founder: female leader & community leader


In October of 2016, Virginia Blanca Arrisueño founded Steadfast Supply, a conceptual retail store that serves as an incubator to independent designers and brands, inspiring them to grow and thrive. Initially a short-term pop-up, Steadfast Supply now has two retail establishments in the DMV: The Yards in Washington, DC and Ballston Quarter in Arlington, VA.

Arrisueño was born in Morristown, New Jersey. A daughter of Peruvian immigrants and the youngest of four siblings, Arrisueño frequently cites her latin upbringing and family’s entrepreneurial success in the U.S. as having ignited her artistic and business pursuits. In particular, she recalls her father’s fondness for travel and the arts, and her mother’s impeccable sense of style as personal inspirations.

Arrisueño received her BFA in fiber art from the University of Maryland in 2002. During the course of her studies, Arrisueño held internships at the Hirshhorn Museum and the Numark Gallery in Washington DC, and later at the Vertigo Gallery of London. Her creative talent and technical skills were recognized through the receipt of several prestigious awards including the Sadat Art for Peace Award delivered by the late Nelson Mandela in 2001, and first prize in Viridian Artists, Inc National Competition juried by the late Robert Rosenblum in 2003, former curator at the Guggenheim Museum in NYC.

Prior to Steadfast Supply, Arrisueño worked several years as a fashion designer for her own private label DeNada, a contemporary knit apparel and accessories brand for women, men, and children inspired by her Peruvian heritage. She sourced the finest fibers from Peru, and worked alongside skilled Peruvian artisans who used traditional knitting techniques to hand make the pieces. Her line was sold throughout the USA and in prestigious international department stores, such as Isetan in Japan. With her many years of experience in retail, wholesale, and producing markets and events, Arrisueño decided to develop a conceptual retail environment that would empower other independent designers and makers like herself in an engaging, creative, and supportive retail setting.

Arrisueño’s body of work and achievements have also been recognized in several notable printed publications including, The Washington Post, Elle Magazine, Good Housekeeping, Rachel Ray, and more.

Virginia Arrisueño currently lives in Washington, DC with her best friend and husband, artist Kelly Towles, their son, and their dog, Kobi.