Steadfast Supply is housed in a 4,000 square feet retail space inside the Arris, a revelation for DC apartment living located at The Yards. The retail concept space offers unique DC-based and national retail brands and creative organizations an exclusive opportunity to be a part of the growing Yards Park’s Neighborhood, inspiring them to thrive, grow their businesses, and make Washington, DC their own. In turn, Steadfast Supply plays an active role in connecting Washingtonians with local creative minds helping build community and meaningful relationships.

The retail space launches in October, 2016 and will run through December, 2016, operating weekly on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. The retail hours are 10am-6pm.


connecting creative brands with people

Steadfast Supply is built on the concept of ‘linking brands with consumers, generating community and support for the local creative economy.’ It is a store where you may find yourself becoming fascinated with a new interest, and linked not just with things, but also with the creative minds behind the brands. A pop-up within a pop-up, the space will be housed with approximately 15–20 rotating curated brands.

The layout is formatted, and includes custom fixtures and displays. A perfect platform for brands to display and showcase their products, the custom fixtures will link the brands together within the retail space, while maintaining and keeping the overall vision cohesive. The store includes the following retail categories from a local perspective: home accessory, beauty accessory, fashion accessory, pet accessory, men’s fashion, women’s fashion, kid’s fashion, artisan packaged foods, and art.

With multiple retail categories provided and blended into each other, our goal is to leave a lasting impact on all visitors.


Our Communal Workspace

In addition to our retail offerings, Steadfast Supply provides a dedicated area that serves as a communal lounge and workspace. An accessible locale with complimentary wifi, our goal is to allow for co-working, collaboration, and community building. With various scheduled events such as DIY workshops, curated dinners, and collaborations with local arts and creative organizations, we envision this space to be a place where guests can come together, work side-by-side creatively and productively, while supporting the local creative community.  


The ARRIS Building

Designed to achieve LEED Gold by internationally renowned Robert A. M. Stern Architects, Arris is a six­ story prism of floor­ to­ ceiling glass resting a top a lower brick structure, creating a silhouette that celebrates the rich history of The Yards neighborhood. It's where urban sophistication and waterfront living come together. You'll find inspiring views of the Anacostia River, exquisite interior finishes, a host of bespoken services, and hotel level amenities. Arris takes luxury apartment living in a new direction.

ARR_Exterior_Corner-Twilight_160606_4450_smaller (1).jpg

THE yards

The Yards Park, a premier waterfront destination, provides green space and water features for all to enjoy the outdoors along the Anacostia River. This award-winning park is an ideal place for recreation, special events, and festivals throughout the year.