Steadfast Supply Application Fee

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Steadfast Supply Application Fee


Steadfast Supply is always seeking new and growing American brands (not just DC-based) that embrace an elevated aesthetic and think outside the box. Interested in applying to be a brand in November or December? Complete our vendor form and submit the $20 non-refundable application fee. Only approved vendors will be contacted.

Please note, brands do not need to staff their space; we provide staffing. The hours are Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 10-6. 

Rent and Fees for Approved Retail Brands:

$600 - November
$650 - December
A 2.75% credit card processing fee will also be deducted from sales payout. At the end of the month, brands will be sent a check for the value of their sold goods. 

Selection Criteria:

Handmade, or otherwise lovingly produced. Please explain how, where and by whom your products are made. 

Innovative. Does your product bring something new to DC or the greater retail market? 

Consistent quality. We want to see that your product is reliable and that your brand is growing.

Price. Does your product fall exclusively on one end of the cost spectrum? Do you have multiple price points? We want to offer a shopping experience that everyone can enjoy. 

Thank you again for your interest! 

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