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Steadfast Supply is a conceptual retail store with a mission. Housed in a 3,000 square ft warehouse space at The Yards located in Washington, D.C., Steadfast Supply provides a platform for independent brands and designers from around the country to share their goods and their stories with the denizens of The Yards and beyond. Steadfast Supply is a store with deep roots in creative entrepreneurship that celebrates the triumphs of small businesses by serving as an incubator to independent designers and brands, inspiring them to grow and thrive.

We seek to play an active role in connecting independent brands with consumers, and connecting consumers with the creative minds behind our brands in an effort to help build community and foster meaningful relationships. Our mission is to contribute to the advancement of the local community and to the creative growth of Washington, DC at large by introducing the creative force of emerging independent brands and designers into the DC market.


connecting creative brands with people

Steadfast Supply is built on the concept of “linking creative brands with people.” At Steadfast Supply, you may find yourself becoming fascinated with a new interest or inspired by the story of one of our brands and the creative minds behind them. Small businesses are often born of their founders’ passions; each and every brand housed at Steadfast Supply was carefully selected, and the tenacious strength of each brand’s story is reflected in its products. That being said, our goal at Steadfast Supply is to leave a lasting impact on each and every person who walks through our doors.

Steadfast Supply offers a curation of unique goods that span numerous retail categories including: home accessories, beauty accessories, fashion accessories, pet accessories, men’s fashion, women’s fashion, kids’ fashion, artisanally packaged foods, and art. In alliance with its mission to celebrate independent brands and small businesses, Steadfast Supply’s store decor, furnishings, and mural art were all handcrafted in Washington, D.C. Simply put, you won’t find another shopping experience quite like it.


Our Community Platform

In addition to our retail offering, Steadfast Supply serves as a community incubator, providing event space for our brands, local entrepreneurs, influencers, and small businesses to interact with the community and beyond. Steadfast Supply’s mission is to play a part in connecting people with local creative thinkers through curated events, workshops, discussions, presentations, and performances that cover a wide array of topics and seek to add social and cultural value to the developments that make up our neighborhood. Steadfast Supply began as an empty warehouse space, and it has been our mission to transform it into a place where community comes together and ideas come to life.  


THE yards

The Yards is the neighborhood that Steadfast Supply proudly calls home. A premier waterfront destination, The Yards offers the best of both worlds; waterfront views and a city scene. The neighborhood is home to some of DC’s most innovative luxury residences, specialty retailers, and restaurants. The Yards features an award winning park, providing The Yards’ community with a place to enjoy the outdoors as well as signature events and festivals right along the Anacostia River. Simply put, “The Yards isn’t about living in a single building, it’s about a way of life...with an unexpected adventure always around the corner.”