Store News: One-Year Anniversary Recap

Last Thursday, we hosted our first birthday party ever, and it was a blast!

SteadfastOneYear (81.JPG

For an entire year, we've been able to spread our love for local brands and our creative community throughout all of DC. To celebrate this feat, we threw a party at our store at The Yards with everything we love: drinks, healthy eats, an in-house DJ, a photobooth, and, most importantly, the brands and customers who have supported us thus far. If you missed it, here are some captures from the celebration:

SteadfastOneYear (60.JPG
SteadfastOneYear (37.JPG
snapbash 1.jpg
SteadfastOneYear (24.JPG
SteadfastOneYear (51.JPG

Thank you to everyone who attended; we would not be where we are today without your support. But most importantly, thank you to our event partners who would not have made this possible if it weren't for their dedication to making this celebration the best it could be. 

SteadfastOneYear (11.JPG

Thank you to HoneyFlower Foods for providing delicious and healthy bites throughout the night.

SteadfastOneYear (3.JPG

Thank you to SNAPBASH for their exciting photobooth services. Click here to see all of their photos from the party.

franky j snapbash.jpg

And finally, thank you to Franky J for soundtracking the night as our DJ.

Once again, thank you to all of our brands for their great success! We not only hope for more birthday celebrations, but we expect many more to come.

Photos courtesy of Emma McAlary.