Brand Feature: Mirasa

At Steadfast Supply, we seek to play an active role in connecting you with the creative minds behind our brands in an effort to share their inspiring stories and to help build community and foster meaningful relationships. Continue reading as we highlight one of the many amazing brands that we carry at the shop - Get inspired by their stories!


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Hello! My name is Aashumi. I am the designer and founder of a fairtrade kids brand specializing in organic cotton, gender neutral clothing & accessories. We’re a socially conscious brand that believes strongly in giving back. Mirasa contributes a portion of all profits to Girls’ Education in India through Room to Read. I am excited to give you a glimpse of the Mirasa journey and the hats I wear as a designer, small business owner and parent.
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mirasa embodies much of how I enjoy living my life; playful and intentional. My day starts with our four year old embarking on some mischief :) Once the boys leave for work and school I zone into the silence of my home studio. I like starting my work day with some form of mindfulness whether it’s creative meditation through (making art) colouring/sketching or inverting into a headstand for a two minute hold- yes, on a timer.
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My day to day schedule varies depending on whether I’m in a creative or administrative mood. Instead of a daily task list I create a weekly ‘to do’ list. This exercise of writing down in a notebook or on chalk board helps make the plan more tangible- especially when it’s time to cross out :) I also like flipping through my old books as a reminder of mirasa’s EIGHT year journey and always staying forward.
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Over the 8 years Mirasa has evolved from being mostly handmade & eco friendly toys to organic clothing. It was a shift that evolved naturally from customer feedback, cost of production and having my son Akira. As an entrepreneur, designer and parent I’ve learned to be an observer + listener + doer re-routing as necessary. I’m inspired by color and pattern and I enjoy the process of product development and experimentation in all forms of surface design.
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I absolutely LOVE meeting my customers in person. Mirasa engages in all three channels of sales; Online, wholesale and retail at our weekend Pop Up at The Flea Market at Eastern Market on Capitol Hill (@easternmarketdc). It’s here that mirasa realized expansion through conversations with customers + creative friends on a platform that encouraged entrepreneurial exploration. Come on over any weekend to say Hello!
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What do I love doing most? Going upside down, relaxing with a glass of Malbec and of course hanging out with my family. Shifting gears isn’t always seamless, but I’m living my dream. I’ve worked very hard and been incredibly lucky to have all the support to get this far. Thanks @steadfastsupplydc for this awesome opportunity. Thank you all for following me today and remember to keep looking forward. Oh, whoops forgot, I also teach yoga twice a week to an amazing group of seniors and beginners. So happy to meet you’ll :) Cheers, Aashumi