Brand Feature: Handmade Habitat

At Steadfast Supply, we seek to play an active role in connecting you with the creative minds behind our brands in an effort to share their inspiring stories and to help build community and foster meaningful relationships. Continue reading as we highlight one of the many amazing brands that we carry at the shop - Get inspired by their stories!

Heyy Steadfasters! I’m Amina Ahmad and I am the owner and maker of Handmade Habitat, an all natural soy candle and beauty goods company based here in DC. My hands have birthed every one of our products, and I’m so excited to share a little of my life with you today. Handmade Habitat was founded on the principle that slow living is better for the body, home, and environment. When we become more conscious and take an active hand in what we bring into our lives, we can make better decisions for ourselves, our homes, and our home planet.
I’m a homebody by nature, and I’m most happy laying on the couch surrounded by pillows, books, and of course candles. My favorite candle to burn at home is definitely Lotus. It’s both floral and earthy, and makes me feel grounded but inspired at the same time. It helps me decompress after a long day, and usually accompanies some time playing with my watercolors. Our candles all made with soy wax, a clean burning, renewable, all natural, US-grown wax, and are only scented with phthalate-free all natural botanical fragrances and essential oils to keep your indoor air free of chemicals and toxins that can harm your health. We have learned that health, home, and environment are all inevitably linked, and we do our best to do right by all three.
It took a long time to find the right space for my business to grow in, but all of our candles are hand poured and all of our beauty products are hand blended right here in the District of Columbia at Off the Beaten Track Warehouse (@offthebeatentrackartists). I’m usually in the studio 2-3 days a week, covered in wax, smelling like all the candles. It’s hard work being on your feet making things all day, but when those things are aromatherapy scented candles and beauty goods, it’s hard to get too stressed out.
I love nature, and I love watching the seasons progress and change, especially the birth of spring after this past long winter. This season’s spring Garden line is inspired by the different stages of spring. We crafted three pure essential oil aromas to help you Sprout (ground down to find a base from which to grow), Grow (energize, find momentum and inspiration), and Bloom (let go of tension, anxiety and open the heart) this season. We are also happy to be able to give back to our community. A portion of sales from this collection are donated to the Washington Youth Garden (@washyouthgarden), a nonprofit organization at the National Arboretum, to help them continue their work of providing kids and families in Northeast DC + beyond a place to connect back to the earth through garden-based environmental and wellness education programs. As a person who grew up very embedded in nature, it saddens me to see how city living can disconnect us from nature. I love that there are green spaces + people in the city bringing it back to us.
My soul is powered by flowers, and I love arranging them just for fun. Once your candle has burned out, our empty candle jars make perfect flower vessels! More often than not, you’ll find bouquets of farmer’s market flowers + wild flowering branches filling our own empty candle jars stashed around my apartment and studio.
In DC, a city where things can feel very chaotic, I love knowing that we help bring a little peace and calm to people’s everyday lives. Scent is our most sensitive sense and very closely tied to our mood. The right scent can relax you, energize you, ground you, and even help release anxiety. Scent is empowering, and we love our little roll on perfumes in all our signature candle scents to help people carry the right energy with them throughout their day. Though every scent has someone who loves it, we tend to find everyone gravitates toward Soothe the Soul. It’s not too relaxing, not too energizing, but a standard for taking the edge off the everyday. I like to think it’s the scent of our city that’s always on the move, and always in need of a little soothing. Thanks Steadfast for having us for this IG takeover today! We have loved having our products in this space amongst so many of our maker friends that we’ve come up with over the years. Even though DC is thought to be a cut-throat political city, we’ve only known it’s love and support for it’s artist community. It’s been such a wild ride to watch the community grow + thrive over the years, and we’re just so grateful to be a part of it!