Brand Feature: District of Clothing

At Steadfast Supply, we seek to play an active role in connecting you with the creative minds behind our brands in an effort to share their inspiring stories and to help build community and foster meaningful relationships. Continue reading as we highlight one of the many amazing brands that we carry at the shop - Get inspired by their stories!

Hiii! I’m Dionna Dorsey, the Founder of and Creative Director for District of Clothing! I created DISTRICT in 2014 to build a community of empowerment. One that would triumphantly embrace the creative, entrepreneurial, and community dreamer and doer spirit blossoming throughout our city and our nation. I hope you’ll stay tuned and enjoy our time together today! I can’t wait to share what we’ve been up to… 

Birthed from the same spirit of those who reject the sidelines, awake with a passion to move forward and are inspired to make their dreams reality, District of Clothing believes every great dream starts with a dreamer and continues through the community building and sharing of doers like you. We’re a community of folks who wake up every morning believing we can win. And when we have those sure-to-come rough days, we’re surrounded by others who believe in us, and in the beauty of our dreams.


DISTRICT was happily inspired by the local dreamers, doers, changemakers and future history makers. My first way of giving back to our beloved city was through the LE DISTRICT design. LE DISTRICT is a homage to Pierre Charles L'Enfant's influence on the design and vision of our beautiful beloved city as well as the love and pride within. (Um, yes, I wholeheartedly believe the District is totally America's Paris! Don’t you?) -- Now, while District of Clothing got her launch here, I purposefully intend to help spread this message across as many ‘districts’ as possible.


My favorite and first design, and quite frankly the lynchpin to DISTRICT’s success, is the DREAMER/DOER series. I was dealing with the typical highs and lows of entrepreneurship and felt I needed to create something positive and encouraging—something reflective of what was happening around me. As a creative entrepreneur I'm constantly working with people who dream, and then actually take the initiative to make their dreams happen. – I sketched the design on a napkin and months later District of Clothing officially launched in December 2014 at the Google Politico Tory Burch Foundation Women Rule Summit Marketplace.


As a creative entrepreneur, most days consist of emails and meetings, business development, coffee, marketing, more coffee (ha!), and sometimes photoshoots. Would you believe we actually didn’t schedule a shoot at all during 2017? Complete fail!) Needless to say, that’s changing in 2018 and we cannot wait to partner up with some of our favorites and show you our vision for the 2018 collection.


Well guys, that’s about it for today’s takeover! This was so much fun. Thanks for hanging with me. If there’s anything I hope to leave you with, it’s this: keep going. Keep trying, showing up and pushing through. It’s hard, but it’s worth it. Whatever your dream may be, choose to move forward and surround yourself with a team of folks who intend to stand up and fight for your dream, too. No matter what, just keep going. We need you. xoxo, Dionna