Brand Feature: AMAZI

At Steadfast Supply, we seek to play an active role in connecting you with the creative minds behind our brands in an effort to share their inspiring stories and to help build community and foster meaningful relationships. Continue reading as we highlight one of the many amazing brands that we carry at the shop - Get inspired by their stories!

Hey, DC! My name is Renee, and I’m the founder of Amazi - @amazifoods. Amazi is a DC-based snack company, importing and selling delicious varieties of dried and roasted plantain chips from Uganda.
All the way from Uganda? Yes! Why? We aim to go beyond ethically sourcing via Direct and Fair Trade - we want to promote industry development and job creation in Uganda. After time spent studying there, I was struck by huge issues of unemployment, food waste, and a lack of sustainable, local supply chains. Plus, I tasted the delicious plantains and craved them every time I returned to DC! The plantain cravings were real and my curiosity grew, so I returned to Uganda in April 2016 to scout and collaborate with farmers groups and organic fruit processing co-ops to make the Amazi magic happen!
The result of this quest: Amazi plantain chips! Unlike any other chip you’ve tried before, Amazi are #driednotfried, with a hearty cracker-like crunch, free of grease and full of flavor. We do this to preserve the nutritious goodness of plantains - rich in potassium, Vitamins A and C, and resistant starch to promote healthy digestion. Subtly sweet, each of our four flavor varieties is made simply with organically grown plantains, either coconut oil or olive oil, and spices! That’s it. No gluten, no sugar, no preservatives - and vegan-friendly, too! The perfect snack to fuel you on your daily DC grind .
What can you do with plantain chips? I’m so glad you asked! Our unique texture makes Amazi more versatile and durable than your typical chip. You can add them to any charcuterie platter, cheese & cracker spread, or sub out boring chips and dip. Try topping your morning yogurt with Cinnamon Spiced Amazi (or straight up eat them like cereal!!! SO good), throwing Salted Coconut Oil Amazi in your favorite trail mix, dipping Salted Olive Oil Amazi in hummus, or cooling down Chili Spiced Amazi on a salad with a summery tzatziki dressing.
We can’t redefine the plantain chip eating experience on our own though… and luckily, we have a hand with that. In building a brand that values connecting people to source and story, I have had the privilege of connecting with so many amazing, creative food bloggers, recipe developers, and food photographers to bring delicious Amazi-based recipes to you. Head to our feed to find gorgeous (and healthy!) desserts, dinners, breakfast bowls, and more! If you’re reading this and want to collaborate, DM us! Always looking for opportunities to partner **heart emoji** #snackonpurpose
After a full day of peddling plantain chips, we’re ready to wind down and cozy up with some of my favorite Netflix snacks… ;) I had so much fun sharing my story with you! Be sure to follow us @amazifoods on IG for more recipe creations, collaborations, and giveaways!